Queen to rally UK in fight against coronaviruses in rare televised speech


Queen Elizabeth II will seek to boost the spirits of the United Kingdom as the nation fights the coronavirus with a rare television address on Sunday.

“We are in the same boat – and we will all do it together,” she should say in her first speech on the pandemic, reported the Daily Mail.

This is only the fifth time that the 93-year-old monarch has made a program other than her annual Christmas speech.

She recorded the message at Windsor Castle, where she lives isolated with her 98-year-old husband Philip.

The speech will come a week after his eldest son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles, 71, left self-isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus. A royal footman who is in regular contact with the queen also tested positive for the deadly virus last week.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also isolated after being tested positive.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the news comes as the total number of confirmed people in the UK has reached 38,698, with 4,320 dead and only 209 recovered.


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