Queen Elizabeth has a secret way to get rid of guests at Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace in London is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II and the official seat of the monarch. The famous palace has 828,000 square feet of living space and has 775 rooms. These include 19 cabins, 52 royal and guest rooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.

Over the years, the Queen has held numerous functions and banquets there. But when she’s finished entertaining her guests, she has to find a way to get them out. So how does she do it? Keep reading to find out.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Victoria Jones – WPA Pool / Getty Images

How Queen Elizabeth lets staff know she’s ready to see guests

The matriarch of the royal family not only does dinner at the palace, she also conducts her business there. The Queen generally meets prominent visitors in Room 1844. There she has welcomed everyone from Barack and Michelle Obama to Angelina Jolie.

Some days she is busier than others and has consecutive appointments. When this happens, she presses a buzzer to let her employees know when they can invite the next person to see her.

The queen uses it to move visitors out of the palace

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Geoff Pugh – WPA Pool / Getty Images

A secret buzzer is also the discreet way for the monarch to move his business forward when a deal is finished.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People Magazine that Queen Elizabeth has a hidden buzzer in her private courtroom that warns aides outside the hall to enter and lead her guests. He added that, according to royal protocol, the guest must then take his first three steps so that the queen walks backwards so as never to turn her back.

Vickers explained that the Queen has a discreet way to let her staff know when she also wants to get out of a conversation with one of her guests. In these cases, she passes her bag from one hand to the other and it is a sign that she has finished the conversation and needs a member of staff to escort her.

In addition, when she thinks a dinner has gone on too long and wants it to end, she puts her bag on the table as a signal that she must conclude as soon as possible.

What else is Buckingham Palace equipped with

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace | Aaron Chown / PA Images via Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s house is not only equipped with secret buttons everywhere. It has an underground tunnel system, which connects the palace to the Houses of Parliament as well as to Clarence House where Prince Charles lives. Many once thought that the notion of hidden tunnels under the palace was a great story until the Queen Mother revealed that she had gone there to explore and met a man who had lived there for years.

Buckingham Palace also has its own postal code and therefore has its own post office. Therefore, the Queen never needs to send helpers to pick up a package or send a letter to it, and staff members are also encouraged to use it.

The palace also has an ATM machine in case the Queen needs a little money and a cinema to catch a movie.

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