Queen cancels birthday by hailing gloomy coronavirus | News from the United Kingdom


The Queen’s 94th birthday on Tuesday will be a low-key affair due to the coronavirus pandemic, with no official pistol for what is considered the first time in her long reign.

Traditionally, royal salutes are taken from different locations in London and across the UK on the monarch’s birthday.

The events were canceled this year, in accordance with the wishes of the Queen.

“Her Majesty wished that no special measures would have been put in place to authorize the bursting of firearms because she did not consider it appropriate in the present circumstances,” said a source at Buckingham Palace.

She will spend the day in private at Windsor Castle, where she and the 98-year-old Duke of Edinburgh are protected. Family members should video call her the same day.

Tributes in London are traditionally taken from the Tower of London and Hyde Park on the Queen’s birthday.

The basic salute is 21 shots, fired at 10-second intervals. At Hyde Park, a royal park, there are 20 additional towers, making it a salute of 41 shots. It is usually fired at noon by the Royal’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery from six 13-pounders, which are fired at high speed by teams of horses on the grass. The pistols are quickly detached to shoot booming shards that send a puff of white smoke into the air.

The salute to the Tower of London is usually fired from four 25-pounder cannons located on Tower Wharf facing the Thames, by the Honorable Artillery Company at 1 p.m.

“The coronavirus will not overtake us”, says the queen in her first Easter message – video

This year, government buildings and town halls are also under no obligation to fly the Union flag at full speed, as is also the case on the Queen’s birthday.

The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports has written to state buildings to give standard advice on the flag flapping protocol. This year, he included the instructions: “Under the current circumstances, we do not expect everyone to be able to follow this advice and you must continue to follow the guidelines for government social distancing.”

It has already been announced that there will be no troops at the color ceremony to mark the Queen’s birthday, officially celebrated in June. There are currently no plans to mark its official anniversary alternative.


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