Quebec requests military aid and the federal government invests $ 100 million to help food banks in the COVID-19 crisis


OTTAWA – Quebec is the first province to seek assistance from the military to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that Rangers will be deployed to northern Quebec to help remote and isolated communities respond to new outbreaks of coronavirus.

Speaking through a translator, Trudeau said the Rangers would provide assistance with the installation of tents and medical infrastructure. More details on the numbers and other tasks were expected later Friday, he said.

This happened when the government announced that it was sending $ 100 million in funding to organizations that provide food to the most vulnerable.

“We will help support organizations you may already know, such as Food Banks Canada, Breakfast Club and the Salvation Army, and many others,” he said.

The government will also provide more help to low-income Canadians with the GST credit one month earlier than planned – in April rather than May.

Trudeau also announced a federal agreement with Amazon to help distribute necessary medical supplies to provinces in need.

Meanwhile, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has called on the government to release all of its projections on the severity of the crisis, as well as weekly updates on the supply of medical supplies and the capacity levels of hospitals.

The Prime Minister said that the government was working with the provinces to obtain the data and that it was compiling models that will be released soon.

We don’t know exactly when it will be.


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