Puppies of Prince Charles Duchess Camilla celebrate the 15th anniversary of marriage


Showing little evidence of their recent contact with the coronavirus, Prince Charles and his wife, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, posted a photo of them with his two little dogs to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

The photo of the Prince of Wales, 71, and his second wife, 72, was posted to Clarence House’s Twitter account late Wednesday, and shows them seated on seats in a covered porch, each holding one of his cubs. dogs, Bluebell and Beth.

The two are dressed casually, she in jeans and a sweater, him in a sports jacket without tie. Both have a happy smile.

The palace said the photo was taken earlier Wednesday at Birkhall, the prince’s home in Scotland on the royal estate of Balmoral, which he inherited from his beloved grandmother, the late Queen Mother.

Charles and Camilla have been in Birkhall since the beginning of March, where they usually spend at least part of their spring break, if they are not traveling.

But Charles announced that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and had mild symptoms, forcing the cancellation of a spring tour to Jordan, Cyprus and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He isolated himself from part of the mansion while continuing to work and came out of isolation on March 30 after seven days, said Clarence House.

Camilla, a former smoker, tested negative but self-isolated in another part of the house. She left Monday after 14 days and found her husband.

Last week, Charles still practiced social distancing, but seems to open virtually a new hospital dedicated to patients with coronavirus. It was the first time that a member of the royal family had opened a building virtually.

Charles and Camilla married on April 9, 2005, in a civil ceremony at Windsor City Hall outside the gates of Windsor Castle, followed by a blessing ceremony in St. George’s Chapel and a reception for 800 people organized by his mother, Queen Elizabeth. II, in the castle.

Prince Charles, accompanied by his wife, Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, greets guests with a gesture of namaste at a reception for Commonwealth Day March 9, 2020 in London.

It was a marriage like no other: the future king divorced his first wife, Princess Diana, who died later in a car accident in Paris in 1997, and Camilla divorced her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

In addition, Camilla had been Charles’s long-time mistress, the woman Diana blamed for the breakdown of her marriage, applying the derogatory label “Rottweiler”. Charles and Camilla met in the early 1970s, fell in love, and remained in love, even though the two were married.

In the years immediately following Diana’s shocking death, they were the most hated people in Britain, believed to be responsible for the tragedy. They were forced to suspend public relations again for eight years before public sentiment changed enough to view their marriage with indifference if not hostility.

Still, Charles agreed that Camilla would be designated as the Duchess of Cornwall, her secondary title, because public sentiment was still too raw about calling her the Princess of Wales, which is the law.

The marriage was preceded by weeks of controversy and semi-grotesque misadventures. At the last minute, it had to be postponed by a day so that Charles could fly to Rome to represent the Queen at the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Many wedding souvenirs, for example, bore the original date of April 8, 2005.

In the end, however, the day went off without a hitch and with remarkable grace, as the two were sent on honeymoon to Birkhall by his two children and two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and a warm and funny welcome. Queen’s toast on her heir and her new daughter-in-law.


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