Prisons and coronaviruses: American prisons and prisons are transformed into “Petri dishes”. MEPs also get sick


At least 276 inmates and 172 staff members – mainly correctional MPs – at Cook County Jail tested positive for the coronavirus, the county sheriff’s office said Wednesday. One inmate who tested positive for the virus died, and at least 21 inmates are hospitalized.

Prisons and prisons across the country have become hotbeds of coronaviruses. Close containment probably feeds the spread.

“The prisons in this country are Petri dishes,” said Toni Preckwinkle, chairman of the Cook County Council. “It is very difficult in a prison to maintain social distance. “

But it’s not just a major health problem. It is also a growing concern for security.

Melee erupts in a Washington prison

In Washington State, violence erupted Wednesday after six detainees from the Monroe Correctional Center tested positive for coronavirus.

Conflict breaks out in Washington prison after detainees learn of coronavirus

It started with a demonstration in the playground involving more than 100 inmates, said the Washington Department of Corrections.

“All measures aimed at bringing people into compliance have been ignored, including verbal directives, pepper spray (OC) and puncture balls, which release light, noise and rubber granules”, a said the department.

“Fire extinguishers were triggered in two units in the minimum security unit, which gave the appearance of smoke from the outside. “

The authorities used more pungent bullets in these homes. “The individuals then stopped the destruction of the two homes and brought themselves into compliance,” said the department. No detainee or staff member was injured.

“It is believed at this time that the incident was caused by the recent positive results of the COVID-19 test in six men in the Minimum Security Unit,” said the Department of Corrections.

If the coronavirus looks bad to you, imagine how these people feel

“These six men were transferred Sunday from the minimum security unit to the institution’s isolation unit. The facility’s health care team provides clinical monitoring and supportive care to people in the segregation unit. One of the inmates with coronavirus is 68 years old.

Authorities hope that frustration and violence will not escalate. But some inmates at Monroe Prison have threatened to burn fires and “take prison guards,” said Heather Axtman, a Washington State patrol soldier.

The Correctional Department said it was trying to protect medically vulnerable detainees. And all inmates in the housing unit where coronaviarus patients were previously housed “have no symptoms of illness or disease (asymptomatic) and wear surgical masks for additional protection.”

“The Correctional Department takes very seriously the safety and security of its penal institutions, its staff and inmates,” said the agency. “An internal investigation will be completed. “

Vandalism in Kansas Prison

Prison inmates with 26 positive coronavirus cases in Kansas have vandalized their cell blocks for hours, an official said on Thursday. The incident occurred in cell block C at Lansing Correctional Facility in Lansing, Kansas.

Lansing is about 30 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri.

Randall Bowman, of the Kansas Department of Corrections, told CNN that inmates throw linen and papers, set off fire extinguishers, and move through the furniture and cabinets of the cell.

The reason for the vandalism is unclear, he said, adding that an investigation was underway.

“There is also a potential for us to die”

In California’s prison system, the number of infected inmates has increased by more than 700% in just over a week. And the number of staff infections has almost tripled, said the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Coronavirus in California prisons multiplies within days and inmates fear more cases

On Wednesday, 29 inmates and more than 60 staff members tested positive for the virus, said the California correctional department.

“There are people in Italy who die, people in Spain who die, people in America who die, people who buy panic, people who are worried and people who are afraid,” CNN said. Samuel Brown, an inmate from California State Prison, Los Angeles County.

“And the truth is that the prisoners are people. So we are also afraid. And we also risk dying. “

A 59-year-old inmate from Cook County Prison in Chicago has died after being tested positive for the coronavirus, officials of the sheriff said. His official cause of death has not been released, pending an autopsy.

What do prisons and prisons do

Authorities at the prison have set up a quarantine “training camp” to separate infected detainees from the rest of the population.

The prison houses around 4,500 detainees. On Thursday, a federal judge denied the request of two detainees to order the immediate release or transfer of the medically vulnerable.

But Justice Matthew Kennelly ordered Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart to adopt additional sanitation and quarantine guidelines. Any detainee with symptoms of coronavirus must be tested before Saturday and any quarantined detainee must receive a face mask before Sunday.

In California, about 3,500 non-violent inmates who have less than 60 days in prison could be released by next Monday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said.

Those who may be released will be screened for medical and health concerns to make sure they can be placed in a community, CNN affiliate KCRA reported.

The release of the detainees is part of an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus while leaving more room for those in need of quarantine or isolation, the department said. At least 1,300 non-violent Californian detainees have already been released.

In addition, inmates across California will receive their meals in their individual cells or accommodation units to maximize social distancing, said the correctional service.

Court time will still be allowed, but fewer detainees will be released at the same time to allow more space between them.

Showers and phones will be wiped down after each use. And all visitors and staff must have temperature tests before entering a California correctional facility.

CNN’s Brad Parks, Christina Maxouris, Omar Jimenez, Andy Rose, Joe Sutton and Faith Karimi contributed to this report.


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