Prince Harry loves quarantine hanging out with Archie


Prince Harry does not feel guilty for taking advantage of family time spent with Meghan Markle and their 11-month-old son Archie at their Los Angeles home in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown.

The Duke of Sussex participated in a 30-minute virtual meeting with several parents and guardians from the United Kingdom associated with his sponsorship WellChild, a children’s charity, over Easter weekend, according to People.

“There are a lot of positives happening at the same time and being able to spend time with family – so much family time – that you almost think:” Do I feel guilty for having so much time? family? ” “, Did he declare. .

“You have to celebrate those times when you’re just on the floor rolling in hysteria. “

“Inevitably, half an hour later, maybe a day later, there is going to be something you will have to deal with and there is no way to run away. “

Harry has worked with WellChild for more than a decade, said, “It is very nice to see familiar faces here. He congratulated the families, calling them “superparents” for their resilience.

When asked how he was, the 38-year-old replied, “Not too bad. I think it’s certainly strange moments – everyone is going through the same thing in a very unique way. “

He added, “Sure there is this fear of what could happen, but there is so much out of our control and all of a sudden we realized how small we are in the big scheme things. “

Referring to Archie, Harry joked: “Having a child at 11 months is enough! “

The former royal duo plans to start a non-profit business called Archewell, no further details have been released.


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