Prince Harry “finds life difficult in Los Angeles” after leaving the royal family | Royal | News


Since Harry left royal office last month, he has stayed in touch with the 86-year-old primatologist. The famous activist was previously invited to the former Sussex couple’s Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Dr. Goodall believes she may have been one of the first people to keep Archie out of the immediate family.

She is currently self-isolating in her Bournemouth home but has taken the time to talk about Harry’s current situation.

She told Radio Times, “I don’t know how his career is going to go, but, yes, I have been in touch, even though I think he is finding life a bit difficult right now. “

Ms. Goodall, renowned for her studies on chimpanzees, suggested Meghan’s level of influence over Harry.

When it was revealed that Harry and William are champions of the natural world, she interrupted: “Yes, except that they hunt and shoot.

“But I think Harry is going to stop because Meghan doesn’t like to hunt, so I suspect it’s over for him. “

Harry had already been convicted of an image which showed him next to a water buffalo body which he had shot on a hunting trip in 2004.

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Dr. Goodall said, “I asked Archie to do the Queen’s wave saying,” I guess he will have to learn it. “

“Harry said, ‘No, he doesn’t grow like that.'”

The conservationist was speaking as part of the promotion of his latest documentary, The Hope, on National Geographic.

In the pictures, it contains his imitation of an intimate monkey greeting with Prince Harry.

Previously, Harry had interviewed Dr. Goodall for the British magazine Vogue that Meghan had edited last September.

The duke explained how he wanted only “two children maximum” and how the environmental impact was “terrifying”.

This comes as royal expert Camilla Tominey told the New Yorker that Buckingham Palace had turned on Harry Meghan’s wife after his “celebrity” attitude emerged.

Meghan also did not understand “unwritten traditions” such as the hierarchy of staff.

Ms. Tominey added: “Therefore, for Harry and Meghan to make requests, there was a bit of gossip below the stairs, especially with the Duchess, who was” Well wait a minute, who think you that you are? “”


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