Prince Harry does not use the royal surname Mountbatten-Windsor


  • Prince Harry appears to have abandoned his royal surname, Mountbatten-Windsor.
  • It still goes through Duke of Sussex, however.

    Since announcing they were leaving the royal family in January, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have slowly started doing their own thing – the couple have left the Commonwealth of Canada for Los Angeles, Meghan has told a film Disney + elephant, and they closed their Sussex Royal brand. But now it seems like Harry might want to distance himself even more from his family, because apparently he’s giving up on his royal surname.

    Daily mail reports that Harry did not use his last name – which is Mountbatten Windsor, for those of you who did not know the king – when registering his new eco-tourism business Travalyst. According to the media, not only did Harry renounce his last name, but he also did not include his former HRH title. Instead, he simply introduced himself as “Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex”, which at IMO is even less than laid back.

    It’s not entirely clear whether Harry wants to give up his last name or just didn’t use it in this case, but it seems that for whatever reason, it has nothing to do with it. with the fact that Harry is angry with his family. A source recently shared that Harry was “missing from his family”, while another shared that Harry and Meghan are “in a better place” with the royal family now and that “the family is doing well”. However, no word on what the royal family thinks of him that could drop his last name!


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