President’s call with Stewards will include Dana White and Vince McMahon


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The president’s call with the sports league commissioners includes two or three guys who are not really sports league commissioners. And their presence suggests what could be one of the messages delivered.

Find a way to play your games.

Adam Schefter of to the list of participants to the teleconference, which must begin at 12:00 p.m. ET. It is highlighted by the obvious names, the heads of the four American sports: Roger Goodell, Adam Silver, Gary Bettman, Rob Manfred.

The list also includes Jay Monahan, who heads the PGA tour, Cathy Engelbert, WNBA commissioner, John Middlebrook or NASCAR Jim France, MLS commissioner Don Garber.

Then there are the eyebrow lifters. UFC Dana White and WWE Vince McMahon will be on call. (Omitted from the list are NCAA, XFL, and ATP.) The UFC and WWE persisted during the pandemic. UFC 249 is scheduled for the end of the month and WresteMania will take place this weekend. At some point during the call, one or both, White and McMahon, will surely ring out how and why they decided to proceed in these unprecedented times.

Last month, after the NBA and NHL suspended their seasons and the NCAA canceled March Madness, White appeared on ESPN, relaying the message he received directly from the president and vice president.

“They say, be careful, be careful, but live your life and stop panicking,” White said on March 13. “Everyone is panicking and instead of panicking, we go out and work with doctors and health officials and the government has to figure out how we can keep the sport safe and keep events going. “

Whatever the message of today’s conference call, the sheer size of the participants ensures that one or more versions of it will reach the media soon after the call ends.


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