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President Trump says he “agrees” with stopping coronavirus



Nevada’s casinos were closed on Wednesday, along with other non-essential businesses, following an unprecedented order from Governor Steve Sisolak. He urged residents to stay home to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus. (March 18)

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President Donald Trump said he “agreed” with Nevada’s closure of non-essential businesses, which closed Las Vegas casinos, days after the city’s mayor called the closure “crazy” total ”.

Speaking at the White House daily briefing on the coronavirus task force on Sunday, Trump provided qualified support for the closure of Nevada’s democratic governor Steve Sisolak in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, even if this decision closed his own Trump International Hotel Las Vegas.

“They closed a large hotel in Nevada that I have in Las Vegas. It’s a very severe step that he took. I agree with that, “said Trump. “But you can call it anyway.” “

Nevada has 3,728 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 155 deaths. Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman called on Sisolak to open the city immediately for business on Wednesday.

President Trump answers questions during the daily briefing on coronaviruses at the White House on April 19. (Photo: Tasos Katopodis, Getty Images)

“This shutdown has become one of total madness, in my opinion,” said Goodman, adding, “There is no data backup as to why we are closed from the start, no plans in place to get through the stop or how even to get out. ”

Trump was asked if he supported the governor or the mayor’s opposite stance on closing Las Vegas as a public safety measure. Trump has said he remains out of the decision.

“I’m not involved in this. I could be if I wanted to, “he said. “I know the mayor is very upset about it. Some owners (of hotels and casinos) are very upset. Some developers are upset. Others say, “Hey, we have to get rid of it. “I can see both sides of it. ”

Discussing the closure of other hotels across the country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump expressed concern, particularly for his hotel and golf course Trump National Doral Miami in Florida.

“I read where my wonderful place in Florida, Miami, Doral,” said Trump. “They must have let a lot of employees go because it is essentially closed. You cannot use it. You can’t have restaurants. You have to close it. This is an example of many hotels closing across the country. . And I hope they will open soon enough. ”

Hotel room lights on Wednesday indicated “#Vegas Strong” at the Wynn Casino Hotel along the Las Vegas Strip as casinos and other businesses were closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo: John Locher / AP)

Trump has expressed concern about the closings of small business hotels and large hotel chains. “Even if it belongs to a large chain, it is devastating, if they have 200 hotels in the country and they are closed,” he said.

Trump did not give advice, saying that others should seek solutions. “I don’t know if they are working on this specific problem, but it is an issue they should be talking about,” he said.


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