Premier League to resume “in a few weeks” with matches on free TV


The Premier League is expected to return in a few weeks after plans were made to play matches behind closed doors, but for the matches to be broadcast free on television.

There has been a debate since the suspension of football due to the coronavirus crisis over how the current campaign will be concluded, with all teams desperate to end the season, whatever the cost.

With the country still locked, it looks like it will take some time before football, as we know it can come back, and it is unlikely that supporters will be allowed into the stadiums until next year.

The Premier League could finally be back

But according to The Sun, Premier Boris Johnson has discussed plans for the games to take place without fans in the near future.

To do this, certain criteria will have to be fulfilled and a set of draconian measures will have to be put in place to guarantee the maintenance of social distance between the actors in order to guarantee their security.

It is also believed that the games could be broadcast on terrestrial channels, with the government concerned that the return of football will see friends gathering at home if they do not have access to Sky Sports or BT Sport.

The news comes after the Bundesliga announced it was ready to resume its season before May 9.

However, not all European countries followed suit, with the Netherlands and Belgium among the nations that decided to cancel their campaigns.

The news of the potential return of the league will be a massive boost for Liverpool fans, who feared they would not be able to win their first high-level title since 1990 if the season were to be canceled and canceled.

News would give Liverpool a chance to seal the title

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It would also relieve some clubs that may face financial difficulties without football.

Earlier this week, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said, “I think the financial reality of most clubs is their main source of income: the direct transfers they receive from the Premier League.

“So if we were to operate in some way behind closed doors, it would relieve the pressure on all the other clubs. “


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