Premier League players and clubs disagree over pay cuts – The Athletic


Tensions are rising between some Premier League players and their clubs as the deadlock over pay cuts and postponements threatens to break the united front that professional play showed during the coronavirus crisis. Friday, the 20 Premier clubs League held a videoconference meeting and decided to make public their desire to persuade their stars to accept a “combination of conditional discounts and deferrals representing 30% of total annual compensation”.

Athletics understands that the clubs are offering a 10 percent pay cut, with the remaining 20 percent to be withheld until the start of next season, whenever possible.

The reason is that any other game this season will almost certainly take place behind closed doors, which means that clubs will lose around 10% of their total income in match revenue, with the 20% carryover being based on the potential loss of diffusion. come back if there’s no more …


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