Premier League clubs plan to resume season on June 13


Premier League clubs are preparing to resume matches on the weekend of June 13.

They are even starting to tell staff that there are plans to try to restart the matches as league leaders seek government approval for the restart plan.

Mirror Sport revealed earlier this month that the best scenario in the Premier League is that training can start in May and matches can start from June 8.

This date and schedule remains in place, but many clubs now believe that matches could resume from the second weekend in June if all goes according to plan and get government support.

Clubs plan to return to action in June

The Premier League will meet again on Friday when all clubs expect an update on how the games can be played in the coming weeks.

There is still no certainty as to WHEN, but there is a growing feeling that the Premier League is ready to go ahead with closed games but also potentially on neutral sites.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden informed MPs last week that he had “productive talks” with sports organizations, including the Premier League.

The clubs want to have a three-week pre-season before the resumption of matches, the best scenario in the Premier League is the resumption of matches from June 8 and there are still more than 100 games remaining, including the FA Cup.

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On Friday, the Premier League will discuss testing procedures as pressure builds on them to restart and end the games to satisfy television payers.

But Premier League leaders do not believe UEFA has set a deadline or demanded that a plan be put in place by 25 May.

It is believed that the governing body of European football would like an idea at its next meeting on May 27, but it is not frozen.


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