Premier League clubs concerned that foreign players will not return to resume season


Premier League clubs are concerned that some of their overseas players may not be able to return to resume matches.

Many foreign stars fled England to return home before blockades were imposed – but could stay there with the Premier League hoping that training could resume on May 18 with matches resuming on June 8 in the best of conditions. case.

The borders of the United Kingdom remain open – albeit with the caveat that it must be for essential travel only – and flights continue to arrive.

But that’s only half the story because players may not be able to leave their country and return to England even by private jet because most of the borders are closed.

Chelsea has given his Brazilian star Willian permission to return home to be with his family in South America and it is understood that there are many more like him.

Willian left London to go home to Brazil for lockdown

They can make video calls from anywhere in the world, participate in training sessions and speak to their managers.

But they may take off if the Premier League suddenly decides to restart and training resumes quickly to resume matches.

Brighton goes beyond

Brighton is a club that goes beyond its staff and its community during the lockout.

They even sent Amazon vouchers to staff to entertain them. Brighton President and CEO Paul Barber said: “We have provided everyone with an Amazon voucher to buy games, videos or anything for the kids.

“Last week we prepared a food package with fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and other things that were pretty hard to get, but we wanted to make sure people could eat healthy.”

No wonder players – who launched their own charitable funds – have been open to discussions about potential deferrals or reductions, as they appreciate that the activities of owner Tony Bloom rely on the betting industry . Brighton is coming out of this crisis with great credit.

Woodburn more than doing its part

Liverpool youth Ben Woodburn

Liverpool youth Ben Woodburn has shown that players do more than “do their part” at all levels of their game.

Woodburn, currently on loan to League One Oxford, has teamed up with former teammate Danny Ward as well as the Emily Ffion Trust and Hickory’s Smokehouse restaurant to raise funds for the children’s charity Cash 4 Kids to support vulnerable families.

They provide financial support and this shows that players at all levels of the game are generous and supportive in times of crisis.

Feisty Premier League meeting

It was reported last week that the June 30 stopping point was not discussed at the 20 clubs’ Premier League meeting.

It’s a bit economical with the truth … A Premier League club opened with a fiery and preemptive strike saying how important it is to end the season in response to some of the June 30 speeches.

A big six club with a lot to lose …

Great Danes

Midtjylland found ingenious way to let fans watch the games

The Danish club FC Midtjylland, the current Superliga leader, has devised an ingenious way to allow fans to watch the games in their stadium – even if they are behind closed doors.

They open 2,000 of the 12,000 parking spaces at the stadium, fans can take part in a drive-in and watch the matches on a giant screen above the ground without ever leaving their car.

Brentford FC owner Matthew Benham is the club’s majority shareholder and director of marketing and support for FC Midtjylland Preben Rokkjær said, “Our goal is to create the best stadium experience.”

Eleven successes on Twitter

Eleven Sports got an incredible 3.6 million views worldwide on Twitter for a closed-door Chinese Baseball League series last weekend.

They also showed that the Taiwan Super Basketball League and Luis Vicente, CEO of Eleven Sports, said, “It has been a truly rewarding experience to give our audience a return to live sport. “

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Mirror the best football stories

Football mask manufacturing agency

Surrey-based firm The Talent Agency has come up with an ingenious way to get football fans to observe strict lock-in restrictions.

They make masks in football club designs, it’s not a money-making exercise and it’s a way to get fans to show their loyalty to their club.

Wenger Book Arouses Great Interest

There has already been huge interest in Arsene Wenger’s next autobiography, My Life In Red And White, which is due out in October.

The editors, Orion, say that Wenger wrote the book himself in French, that it will be translated into English, and that no ghost writer was involved.


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