Pope Francis accused of comparing cardinal child molester sentenced to Jesus after controversial comments – RT World News


    Le pape François a fait face à de vives critiques en ligne après avoir comparé le cardinal Pell, récemment acquitté de cinq délits d'abus sexuels sur des enfants dans les années 1990, à Jésus-Christ lui-même.

Mardi matin, lors d'une messe célébrée dans sa résidence de Santa Marta, le Pape a prié pour ceux qui "Persécution que Jésus a subie", y compris ceux qui avaient été soumis à «Peines injustes».

The message came just hours after Australia’s highest court acquitted Cardinal George Pell, 78-year-old former Vatican economics minister, of child sexual abuse in one of the the most publicized cases of the Catholic Church to date.

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The Pope also followed the comments in the sermon, which was broadcast live on the Internet, with a tweet about those suffering because “Someone had that for them. ”

“In those days of Lent, we witnessed the persecution that Jesus suffered and how he was fiercely judged, even if he was innocent. Let us pray together today for all those people who suffer because of an unjust sentence because of someone (sic) who condemned it “ he wrote.

Francis didn’t mention Pell’s name in the mass or tweet, but the timing of the comments caught the eye of many Internet users. “How dare you compare Pell to Jesus?” ” wrote a clearly apoplectic Twitter user. “Not a mention of the victims”, was another furious reply.

Australian comedian and musician Tim Minchin was among those who waded to criticize the pontiff.

Many have gone to great lengths to correct the language of the Pope in the comparison made between Pell and Jesus, declaring that Pell had not been found innocent, simply that he had been released because of a legal technicality, the introduction of doubt.

Meanwhile, the Vatican welcomed the acquittal and congratulated Pell for having “Waited for the truth to be verified”, while reformulating its “Commitment to prevent and prosecute all cases of abuse against minors.”

Pell was number three in the Vatican hierarchy and was responsible for managing the finances of the Holy See while eliminating corruption within the Church.

The cardinal is probably already too old to take up a post in the Holy See, but the Vatican’s internal disciplinary department, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, should now consider whether or not to order a canonical trial.

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