Polls Suggest Public Approval For Trump’s Work Against Coronavirus Discoloration


President Trump has repeatedly praised the federal government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

“Everyone is amazed at the work we do,” Trump said during the White House briefing on Monday. “And the public is starting to find out. “


But the president’s comments don’t seem to agree with the new national polls.

Fifty-four percent of Americans polled in a new Monmouth University national survey said the federal government’s measures have not gone far enough to slow the spread of the virus across the country. This is 9 percentage points more than a month ago. Only 35% said the federal government’s measures were appropriate, up from 47% in March.

The survey, released Wednesday, also shows that 55% said the federal government was not doing enough to help states severely affected by the pandemic, with 37% saying Washington was doing enough.

“Most Americans disagree with the Trump administration’s position that the federal government is a safeguard for the states. The public seems to view this as a national crisis that requires a national response commensurate with the aggressive approach taken by states, “said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

A CNN national poll also released on Wednesday found that 41% think the federal government is doing a good job of preventing the spread of the virus. This is down 7 points from the end of last month. Fifty-five percent rated Washington’s response as poor, up 8 points.

A third national poll released Wednesday suggests that a majority believe that President Trump has not acted with enough force in the fight against the coronavirus. Fifty-five percent of registered voters polled in a University of Quinnipiac poll said the president had not acted aggressively enough to respond to the crisis, with 41 percent saying his response was roughly correct and 2 percent deem Trump too aggressive.


Forty-six percent of those polled in the Monmouth poll said the president had done a good job in the face of the pandemic, with 49 percent saying he had done a bad job. In a Monmouth poll two weeks earlier, half of those polled said that Trump was doing a good job and 45% gave him a boost.

The President’s approval rating for handling the coronavirus is also slightly underwater in the Quinnipiac poll, with 46% approval and 51% disapproval.

In comparison, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, received a 78% approval rating, with only 7% disapproval of his performance.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York – the state hardest hit by the pandemic – stood at 59-17% approval-disapproval in the Quinnipiac poll.


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