Police issue urgent lockout as ‘mini heat wave’ is expected to hit Lincolnshire


Police have sent an urgent message to the people of Lincoilnshire to ignore the hot weather and stay at home this weekend.

The Sun reports that a “mini heat wave” will hit the county this weekend – Sunday, April 5, is set to burn in many parts of the country.

In the likes of Lincoln and Boston, the 18 ° C is expected in a day that should be filled with bright and uninterrupted sun.

Skegness and the rest of the Lincoilnshire coast should also sizzle – and although normally the county’s seaside resorts are inundated with people at the start of the Easter holidays, the message this year is to stay home.

Lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic are still in effect – and police are begging the public to resist the temptation to go out and stay at home.

Chris Davison, Lincoln Supt. East Supt district commander, said: “The council is asking people to follow government instructions and not to go to the coast.

“We fully support the message.

“We will be friendly, but firm to ensure that people only travel when necessary.

“A frivolous visit to the coast could literally cost lives. It would be a selfish and dangerous thing to do and would go against the vast majority of people who take all possible measures to stop the spread of the virus and help protect our NHS.

“We have a beautiful county and a beautiful coast. Record your visit for a better time, when the restrictions are lifted and you can enjoy them properly. “

The East Lindsey District Council has closed major tourist parking lots to help fight the virus and deter tourists from visiting the area.

This means that all car parks along the foreshore will now be closed to users.

Councilor Steve Kirk, portfolio holder for the coastal economy on the council, said, “It seems strange to ask visitors to stay away and put in place measures to discourage them from coming, but it’s a very necessary step.

East Lindsey District Council closes parking lots and told visitors not to go for Easter

“We want to keep these potential visitors and our residents safe, and the best way to do that is to encourage people to stay at home.

“The threat posed by the coronavirus is incredibly high and, although we love the people who visit our district, it is not worth the risk of getting sick and spreading it further.

“So please follow the instructions of the government and stay at home and when this situation is resolved we will welcome you to the Lincolnshire coast.

“Visitors help make our neighborhood the fabulous place it is, so of course when it’s safe to travel again, we’d love to see people here in East Lindsey. “

Many people criticized the Skegness occupation just before the government imposed the lockdown last month.

Thousands of local residents have even signed a petition calling on visitors to return home – the streets of Skegness being significantly quieter last week.

Ingoldmells, Sea Lane during lockout

The council also urges local businesses, such as hotels, guesthouses and tourist attractions, to remain closed during the holidays.

Cllr Kirk added: “I would like to thank the companies for following the advice so far – we know this is a difficult time. “


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