Police Investigated Complaint Regarding Dak Prescott Party


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Photographs published by TMZ.com paint a disturbing picture of an alleged 30-person pandemic to damn birthday party at the Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s house. The police could not corroborate this image.

Maybe because they haven’t really tried.

As noted by Drew Davisson of Fort Worth Star Telegram, an officer in the Prosper, Texas police department arrived at Prescott’s home after receiving a complaint (an anonymous call, as a source told PFT) from a party.

“The officer was unable to verify a party’s report,” Prosper P.D. Deputy Chief Scott M. Brewer told Davisson. “Therefore, he just reminded the resident of the CDC’s current guidelines – to include social distancing. “

Brewer also said that Prosper “continues to seek voluntary compliance with all applicable local and state disaster orders” and that the department “will consider additional enforcement measures / options” as necessary. In other words, Prosper P.D. has yet to make any strenuous efforts to achieve mandatory compliance, relying primarily on the honor system. This strongly suggests that the officer probably went to the door, rang the bell, waited for Prescott to answer, asked him if he was having a party, accepted Prescott’s refusal, and then left.

The Prescott camp insists that Prescott did not accommodate more than 10 people and that no violation of the guidelines on social distancing has occurred. In addition to the fact that TMZ.com photos contradict these claims, organizing a rally implicating others violating orders to “stay at home” is a separate concern. But the Prosper, Texas cop, especially in light of the department’s current position that compliance is only “voluntary”, was surely not going to take action against the Dallas Cowboys quarterback.


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