Police forced to apologize when man “deposits food for vulnerable family” is handcuffed


Police were forced to apologize after a man who said he was depositing food for vulnerable family members was threatened with spraying and arrested.

The footage shows when a Greater Manchester police officer approached the man outside an address in Fallowfield, Manchester on Friday.

The man told the officer that he was “picking up a plant at the same time” and then asked him, “Give me a ticket for what? You are a bored guy, there are groups of people everywhere. “

He refuses to give his contact information to the male officer and is then told that he is at risk of being arrested for “breaking Covid’s directions” and he tells him to put his hands on his head.

The officer then threatens to spray him if he does not comply.

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When handcuffs are placed on him, the man becomes agitated and tells him that the handcuffs are hurting him and begs him to “twist the one above.”

He is then pushed against a car and says to lean over it, to which the man says, “You keep saying things over and over, you don’t help, you don’t dilute the situation, you make it worse . Because I’m here to drop some stuff. ”

A woman is then heard to say to the officer, “In the current situation, in the current pandemic, there are more urgent situations to deal with than coming and disturbing someone to go about their own business. “

The officer said to the woman, “Listen … you will be next. “

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Before the man was placed in a police vehicle, he said to a number of officers, “I drop off food for vulnerable family members who can do nothing and bring a tree home.”

It is understood that the man was then arrested and received a fixed penalty notice.

In a statement released on Saturday, GMP said: “We are aware of footage circulating regarding the actions of an officer in an incident at Fallowfield in Manchester.

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“Although the file is under full investigation by our professional standards branch, our initial review shows that the incident was not dealt with in the professional manner we expected and we apologize.

“The public rightly expects the highest standards from our agents and we will investigate this matter thoroughly and appropriately.

“A senior force official addresses the man and his family today.

“We would like to ask the public to understand the stress that our officers are currently undergoing and we hope that these apologies are welcome. “

The police are now empowered to impose fines on people who leave their homes “without reasonable excuse” under the new health protection regulations passed by Parliament earlier this month.


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