Police call victim of spousal violence this morning, call on Eamonn and Ruth to ask for help – The Sun


This morning, Ruth Langsford explained how the show was going to call the police following a painful call from a victim of domestic violence that left Eamonn Holmes shaking in rage.

Deidre Sanders of the Sun was helping viewers solve their problems during a phone call when a caller named Louise explained that she had been tormented by her ex.

    This morning a phone call was made about spousal abuse today3
This morning a phone call was made regarding spousal abuse today
    Deidre helping callers in his Cambridgeshire by videoconference3
Deidre helping callers in his Cambridgeshire by videoconference

A heartbreaking series of stories left Eamonn, 60, enraged: “It’s so depressing – we’re just overwhelmed. So many people live in such a controlled environment.

Louise – not her real name – started her call by saying to Deidre, “I escaped serious domestic violence a few years ago. However, my ex pained us and said that he would not give up before I died, etc.

“Fortunately, he doesn’t hurt us anymore physically. However, he continues his threats by holding the purse strings, withholding money. I have very limited benefits with two children, one of whom is disabled.

“I have a court order that he refused to pay. I spoke to the police about mental abuse, but they don’t want to deal with it. I tried to get legal help, I can’t get legal help. were supported by a few victims of domestic violence in the region.

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“I’m out of breath to find someone to help stop this man and I can’t ask anyone to do it. “

Deidre said to him, “I think we need to go home and go to the police. He’s breaking the law, he’s breaking a court order. It is totally wrong what he does. “

“It’s a question of application. Try again with the police, it’s so clear that they should help you. “

Ruth then added, “Our team, I’m just told that our team will join the police, along with Deidre as well. We will help you. These are very difficult calls – you can’t always call people back.

“By calling the program, you have taken the first step and we will try to help you. It’s shocking the number of calls. “

Viewers were also shocked by the “sickening” calls, with a tweet: “Hearing this kind of thing about the attackers, emotionally and physically, boils my blood. “

Another wrote: “I was really heartbroken to hear victims of domestic violence calling today, my heart goes out to them all and I hope they can find help soon. “

    The hosts announced at the end of the show that This Morning was going to call the police


The hosts announced at the end of the show that This Morning was going to call the police

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