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He may have lost his last meeting on an electronic card Thursday night, but Phil Taylor says his rivalry with Raymond van Barneveld was the one that most excited him.

In an illustrious career that has produced 16 world titles and 16 World Matchplay crowns, “The Power” has locked the horns with some of the greatest darts produced.

Thursday night, more than two years after their last official meeting, the duo clashed again, and it was Barney who came out on top, with a score of one million miles from the epic final of the World Championship 12 . years ago.

The tall Dutchman won a shootout in the final leg to win 7-6 in sets in 2008, and on Thursday on the Nexus scoreboard, he countered 6-3 to win 7-6 in legs in a 100+ Medium and huge finishes that helped raise a lot of money for charity in the process, Barney also approaching a nine-dart ending.

When they were roasted earlier this week, memories came back for Taylor. Eric Bristow, Dennis Priestley, John Lowe and Michael van Gerwen all participated in an extensive conversation with The Darts Show podcast.

“I used to try to put you on your best leg, so if you hit a 180, I thought,” Okay, let’s go now, “said Taylor with a smile.

“You could tell by the way they stood and by their body language … I should still be pressured but I knew I had them. “

“I used to stand behind Phil, and I knew I was on my game, and I thought please just give me a shot.

“All of a sudden you just hear” Game, shot and round six, Phil Taylor “and you think … Grrrr.

“What people don’t realize is that you start to try so hard that you actually lose your game. You start to push and pull it.

Colin Lloyd about Phil Taylor

One of the first topics of discussion was the last confrontation of Taylor with his old enemy Van Barneveld.

The Dutchman, himself a five-time world champion, came from the BDO to dethrone Taylor and although he got the better of The Power in a memorable New Year’s finale in 2007, it was Stoke’s man who had the upper hand for most of the next decade.

Here is Taylor on his rivals…

The best – Raymond van Barneveld

“Barney’s games got me more excited than Dennis [Priestley] – I thought when Barney joined the PDC, it was great, I really enjoyed it.

“It was a big rivalry because he was their No. 1 and I was our No. 1 and everyone wanted us to compete – it was exciting.

“When I played in the past two years, I played Barney every other day, so there was no excitement. But then it was great, and everyone was talking about it.

“He was good too. He also had an arrogant air about him, which I liked.

“I can’t wait to play it, even when we work together on exhibitions, I’m excited to play Barney.

“It’s always so weird … he’s my companion now, we’re good friends! We had never really been friends before. We teamed up, nodded and wondered if the other was okay but now we get along really well.

The Professor – Eric Bristow

“Eric was the kick-off of my career because he made me win by making fun of myself, taking the micky and telling me I was useless !!

“It went up a bit, made me play a little better.

A look back at the best songs by Eric Bristow in memory of “The Crafty Cockney”, who died in 2018

A look back at the best songs by Eric Bristow in memory of “The Crafty Cockney”, who died in 2018

“At that time, I was only £ 70 a week … so Eric would pay for my flights and my hotel. But buying a drink, and things like that, was difficult.

“It made me a winner. It didn’t hurt me, it was good. Bad times, sometimes things come out of bad times because it makes you try harder. “

“He was also my training partner, I played with him day after day. I knew his weaknesses and I knew how good he was.

“Besides, I knew that Eric was tired too. You know what it’s like to be on the road week after week, I wasn’t exhibiting at that time. Instead, I was at home seven days a week practicing.

“Eric was on the road three or four days a week and it’s tiring. So I knew I had the advantage over him. “

Discover the nine Phil Taylor darts that took place in front of Sky Sports cameras!

Discover the nine Phil Taylor darts that took place in front of Sky Sports cameras!

The one who escaped – Michael van Gerwen

“I would be the world number 1! I would have it, I would do it … if I had been his age, he would have it. Trust me.

“He is not as mentally strong as I am. He knows it, I was doing something rotten to him and I was making him cry all the time. He would have loved, we would have had a great rivalry.

“I would have loved to have played Michael at his peak and be at my peak while doing it. I don’t know what would have been the result, but I would look for a way to beat it. It’s one hell of a player. I really like him, even if he wraps you up.

“He is the best player in the world, 100%. I needed someone to get back into the game. Barry [Hearn] said: what happens when you retire? Who will take over? I said it would obviously be Michael.

The most difficult to break – Dennis Priestley

“Dennis was hard work because he was slow and good. When you play a good player who is very, very slow … believe me, it makes your brain. Your mind is starting to wonder, so I tried to take my back a little longer.

Dennis Priestley defeated Phil Taylor in the first PDC final at Circus Tavern

Dennis Priestley defeated Phil Taylor in the first PDC final at Circus Tavern

” In the beginning, [put me off]. I had to think and understand. It was John Lowe who said to walk further, to walk a little further when you go back and to go a little distance.

“This is how I came back to it. he [Dennis] was a very consistent player. If he had been at his best now, with the darts they are making now, he would have been untouchable.

“He had a lot of rebounds,” said Dennis. He would have been untouchable now. “

The rest of the pack

“I loved to play Jocky [Wilson] and John Lowe. I really liked playing John Lowe, his style was so nice.

Jocky wilson

Jocky wilson

Colin [Lloyd] was a high-end man from the start. He climbed the rankings fairly quickly, gained a lot of confidence and was a good scorer. He’s an adorable kid, there was no nastiness in him. He was a good solid player and he was a good scorer and a finisher.

“The two best finals were Peter Manley, I loved them both.

“Even Peter [Manley] and I’m going on now, it’s weird! I never thought about it and I was going to continue – we were like oil and water – but now I’m having a good laugh with Peter.

Dave Whitcombe was a great player to play against. In his day, his style was so pleasant. Mike Gregory was also a very good player. I was really lucky. ”


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