PM Trudeau says COVID-19 curve is flattening, but “we are not out of the woods yet”


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canadians’ public health measures have so far worked and “in many parts of the country the curve has flattened.”

Federal health authorities will release updated national projections today on the severity and scope of COVID-19 in Canada today at 12 noon. AND.

“Based on the best data available, this is an updated picture of where we think we are right now, where we think things will go from here,” said Trudeau.

Despite the fact that the curve is flattening, a goal the entire country is aiming for, Trudeau said, “We have not gotten out of the woods yet” with this public health emergency.

“How many new cases there are, how many losses we have to cry, if our hospitals can continue to cope, it all depends on us,” said Trudeau.

New projections for respiratory virus spread and potential death come just over two weeks after the first round of federal modeling released by Health Canada detailed the best and worst cases, varying by level of action by governments and Canadians.

These data showed that the peak of cases in Canada could occur in late spring, with the end of the first wave in summer. In recent weeks, the data continues to indicate that some provinces appear to be at their peak or even potentially descend to the other side of their curve with little or no new cases discovered in certain regions.

Federal projections and modeling released on April 9 had estimated that, under current public health measures, up to 44,000 Canadians could die from COVID-19 in the coming months, although the range of deaths depends on the level of effort. containment.

The estimates could also shed further light on the question “are we still there?” as Dr. Theresa Tam, chief public health officer, said on Monday. “Not quite … even if we get closer all the time,” she said.


As some provinces begin to plan and execute their gradual relaxation of restrictions, the updated national picture of the pandemic could help better inform the national guidelines on which Trudeau is working with the premiers.

Trudeau said on Tuesday that these common principles on the economic recovery will be released “shortly”.

“Let me be clear: these are not the specific measures when you can go back to work or school, when you can see your neighbors or your extended family, or your friends. This framework will outline the things that need to happen before taking the next steps. The recovery of our economy will be gradual and prudent, and will be guided by science, “said Trudeau.

Noting some of the reopening conditions to be expected, Trudeau said control of the transmission will be key and that there must be enough capacity to test and plot. He said he also expects a system where if someone around you is positive, you will be notified quickly so that you can isolate yourself.

In addition, some workplaces will need additional protective equipment, and tighter restrictions will remain around vulnerable populations such as those in long-term care homes.

Also in the role today, Trudeau is scheduled to attend the first virtual meeting of the special multi-stakeholder committee on COVID-19.

“Despite the challenges of this pandemic, our democratic institutions are innovating and finding ways to continue to serve people,” said Trudeau.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 49,025 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada and 2,766 people have died from the new coronavirus to date.


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