PM to unveil decontainment plan for France today


Edouard Philippe will speak at the National Assembly and should clarify many questions such as the question of whether wearing a mask will become compulsory in certain situations such as in public transport or at work, access to masks, testing strategies and isolation and rules for schools and stores. and other companies.

The speech will be available live on the Internet at this link.

It will be followed by approximately two and a half hours of debate by Members before the vote.

The procedure is based on Article 51 of the Constitution, which allows the government to make a statement to parliament, leading to a debate and then – if it chooses – a non-binding vote.

In controversy, plans to introduce a contact tracing phone app that will report if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 will be combined with the other items today.

It was previously to be debated and voted on separately, originally scheduled for today and tomorrow.

Opposition MPs criticized the government’s handling of the arrangements, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon of La France Insoumise (left), who called the plan’s short turnaround time “yet another brutality” .

A number of “rebel” deputies from the government party La République en Marche also expressed their concerns, writing in an open letter that they “regretted that our assembly was reduced to an advisory opinion” with regard to deconfinement and looking for contacts.

Meanwhile, Republican MP Damien Abad said there should have been an extra day for a thorough discussion of the ideas by a committee of MPs and for consultation with colleagues who cannot attend the debate. He said the tracking app should have been voted on separately.

Today’s deliberations, however, were approved yesterday by the “Presidents of the Assembly”, including the heads of the political groups and committees of Parliament, the Minister of Parliamentary Relations and the President of the National Assembly.

Assembly Speaker Richard Ferrand also said that today’s proceedings should be followed by a bill on which members of the House will be able to vote again on the items to be brought into force .


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