PM promises help to First Nations


The Prime Minister is concerned about the potential impact of a COVID-19 outbreak in remote First Nations communities in Canada. Justin Trudeau has told the media that they are working with the Assembly of First Nations to send more resources and money to these communities.

“We will continue to respond in every way possible to help the communities facing COVID-19. We recognize that there are specific vulnerabilities that we must work with very carefully and we continue to do so, “said Trudeau.

In northwestern Ontario, the Fort Hope First Nation recently saw its first confirmed case of COVID-19. The Prime Minister says he understands that many First Nations communities are vulnerable because of seniors and housing problems.

Canadian companies are working to produce up to 30,000 ventilators for hospitals across the country. The Prime Minister was asked if it was because we need so much in the fight against the virus, which Trudeau said he was prepared for. If Canadian businesses end up having a surplus, Trudeau says that many countries around the world do not have the capacity to produce their own supply and would need it.

Regarding personal protective equipment, the Prime Minister said that fruitful conversations had led to an agreement between the United States, 3M and Canada authorizing the shipment of N95 masks in our country. Trudeau says he is happy to hear that 3M’s product will cross the border, but notes that there is still work to be done with the United States government on other supply issues.


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