‘Play with us’ – Manchester City ace makes alarming Wolves transfer statement


Ilkay Gundogan thinks wolf hitman Raul Jimenez could play with him in Manchester City.

The German was asked about the best strikers in the Premier League, before comparing the Wolves’ Mexican with Robert Lewandowski.

“I think he has everything a world class attacker needs,” said Gundogan. ESPN .

“For an attacker, he is so mobile, but also physically so good and technically talented on the ball. I can imagine playing with us. “

” Perhaps [he’s] not yet at this level, but it reminds me a little [Robert] Lewandowski because I played with him.

“In terms of style, I think there is still a lot of potential. “

Gundogan, of course, was on the side of the city that was beaten twice by the Wolves in October and December, Jimenez excelling in both games.

“Sometimes it’s so hard to predict,” said Gundogan of Jimenez, who has 22 goals in 45 games this season.

“A player can have all the quality and everything you need to play for a great team of six or to play for the best teams in the world, but sometimes it happens and it doesn’t work.

“It’s not because of the player or the club, sometimes it’s just the environment, it’s the wrong timing. It’s so hard to predict but I think [Jimenez] would have a chance in each of the first six teams and chances are good they could do well. ”


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