Plans for a mass bike ride to the beach during the lockout cause furious backlash


A mass bike ride to the beach for fish and chips was canceled after a public backlash and a stern warning from Humberside police.

The Scunthorpe Cycling Recognition Company posted plans for a trip to Cleethorpes on its Facebook page earlier this week, despite the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

The original post shared plans to meet in Scunthorpe on Sunday before traveling to Cleethorpes for ice cream and fish and chips.

It read: “Meet at Holme Lane Bridge to leave at 11:00 am, arrive in Cleggy around 1:00 pm. Fish and chips, plus ice, then regular return.

“After a few problems, we’re going to bike two to two meters apart and keep two meters in front / behind. “

But the message was greeted with scathing comments from people angry that the group was flouting rules to stop the spread of the coronavirus, which has so far killed more than 3,000 people in the UK.

One woman commented, “Beyond lividity with that! You are absolutely irresponsible k ****! If you go out, we all stay longer … have bloody respect for those who risk their lives for us and stay at home. “

Another said, “Surely this is a joke? I am sure the instructions are very clear. No gathering, mostly go out and exercise one day with household members.

“It makes me so excited!” I have not seen my mother on Mother’s Day, my children have not seen their grandparents for weeks and yet here you organize a group cycle ?! “

Another said, “I am dismayed! I hope the police will intercept you and fine each of you! How many deaths are you going to have on your hands!

Humberside police then issued a harsh warning to the group via Facebook after receiving information about the event.

The force said it took the reports “seriously” and said that new powers were available to them when people flouted new government measures.

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A spokesperson said, “We have been informed of a number of reports of a cycling event scheduled to take place this weekend.

“Rest assured that our officers take these reports seriously.

“It is vital that we follow all government social distancing measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

“We work closely with all of our communities to encourage them to respect the restrictions.

The number of coronavirus cases near you

“However, where people do not respect these measures, new police powers are available and our officers will apply them. “

The group has now decided to cancel the cycling event after receiving instructions from the police.

In an article posted on their Facebook page, he wrote: “After careful consideration and numerous messages accompanied by advice from Humberside police, a decision has been made to cancel this Sunday’s outing to Cleethorpes. “

One woman commented, “Why would you need police advice when the government has already given instructions on what to do to keep us and others safe to help reduce the spread. “

Another said, “There is common sense after all. You may have just saved your cycling club and, more importantly, protected the NHS Live. “


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