Piers Morgan sets up self-isolation camera kit in case he is forced to present Good Morning Britain from home – The Sun


PIERS Morgan has set up a TV home studio in case the coronavirus pandemic forces him to broadcast from his home.

Piers, 55, borrowed material from the set of Good Morning Britain so that he could present the show at home if he needed it.

    Piers Morgan's home studio with his eleven-year-old daughter Elise
Piers Morgan’s home studio with his eleven-year-old daughter EliseCredits: Instagram / PiersMorgan

Her daughter Elise, 11, played the role of her father on camera while Piers set up the studio.

Piers shared a photo of Elise on Instagram: “Elise Morgan reports live from her father’s office, via the new self-isolated @gmb camera kit (if I need it.). ”

He had installed a huge television behind a leather desk that would serve as a backdrop much like the current GMB set that shows a skyline of London.

The photo showed Elise on the screen of the camera that was installed above another television, which Piers would use to see his guests and co-hosts if he was broadcasting from his home.

    Piers wants to know why the UK is not testing more people
Piers wants to know why the UK is not testing more peopleCredit: Rex Features
    Piers and Susanna Reid practice social distance on GMB every morning
Piers and Susanna Reid practice social distance on GMB every morningCredit: Rex Features

Piers is very passionate about eliminating the coronavirus in the UK, although he still goes to the studio each morning to present GMB.

He hosts the morning show alongside Susanna Reid, who has just returned to the studio after staying at home in solitary confinement after fearful exposure to the virus.

Piers confronted Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick on Wednesday about why the UK was not doing as many coronavirus tests as Germany.

The host lost his temper with Jenrick, who could not explain why the United Kingdom could not do 500,000 tests like other countries have done.

    Piers is ready to introduce GMB from home if he has to
Piers is ready to introduce GMB from home if he has toCredits: Getty Images – Getty

The ministers promised to “raise” the tests to 15,000 a day by the end of the week and to 25,000 a day in mid-April.

But right now, just under 10,000 tests are performed each day, as a furious argument breaks out over who is to blame.

Since this afternoon, there are now 29,474 confirmed cases with 2,392 deaths in the United Kingdom.

Piers Morgan said it was “a total shame” that countries like Germany could do ten times more tests than we did.

Susanna added, “When the World Health Organization said,” test, test, test “, why didn’t we go like Germany?

“For what other reason than that, we just weren’t prepared?” “

Jenrick replied, “I don’t think this is a fair analysis … testing in a global pandemic is not easy.

“Germany is more able to get tests – different countries have different manufacturing strengths. “

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