Piers Morgan responds after being accused of flouting social distancing guidelines


Piers Morgan has been at the forefront of holding the government to account for its management of the coronavirus crisis.

The 55-year-old Good Morning Britain host, for example, did not take the accusations that he flouted the social distancing guidelines too gently

Right-wing site Guido Fawkes called Piers “Britain’s greatest hypocrite” and shared a series of photos of the reporter approaching his co-stars.

He criticized the website for “mistaking their dates” in an angry tweet replying to his blog.

In a photo shared on his Instagram account on March 10, Piers said that his fans “had not received the social distancing note” when one of them wrapped his arms around his neck to take a selfie on their phone.

Piers Morgan takes a selfie with a fan

Good Morning Britain host gets closer to Lorraine Kelly and Susanna Reid

“My fans don’t seem to have received the social distancing rating,” he captioned.

Another photo from the same date showed him sitting a few inches from his GMB co-host Susanna Reid as he hit her with a fake arm.

Piers wrote in the caption: “Self-distancing. “

The last photo showed him with his arm wrapped around Susanna and Lorraine Kelly.

He seemed to mock the rules of social distancing

“Beauty and the beasts,” joked Piers.

Guido Fawkes had published an article listing all the times when Piers violated the rules of social distancing.

He replied, “Why was I a hypocrite? The @WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11.

“From that moment on, I stopped attending mass rallies and I repeatedly challenged the government’s refusal to ban mass rallies. “

Piers and Susanna keep their distance on GMB

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Sharing the three photos, the blog replied, “Someone hacked into your account? Is it an imitator of @piersmorgan in the photos? Or is it Britain’s greatest hypocrite? “

But Piers said they were all arrested before the government locked the country out.

Piers said, “Chaps, you really dropped the ball here. These photos were all taken BEFORE the @WHO declared the #coronavirus a global pandemic.

“I started to challenge the government in mass rallies from then on (March 11). So there’s no hypocrisy, just the wrong date. “


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