Piers Morgan prohibits Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Good Morning Britain from swearing


On Tuesday, Piers Morgan targeted Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, before banning them at Good Morning Britain “for the foreseeable period” – even dropping a curse in the process.

The television host asked co-host Susanna Reid to stop talking about them after having searched a few moments after refusing to discuss them.

He then made the decision there, then on the air, to declare GMB a Meghan and Harry free zone from now on.

Without seeming to consult the producers, Piers, who had a long feud with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, told viewers that he no longer wanted to mention the couple as it celebrated the 94th anniversary of the Queen.

When he was going to discuss everything about the royal family with a correspondent, he said that he “couldn’t be an asshole” to talk about it.

Piers Morgan banned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from Good Morning Britain

He continued to bring the matter back to the Queen and her husband Prince Phillip, who made a rare public speech this week in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.

Before the subject even started, Piers refused to discuss it before targeting the couple.

Piers said, “Let’s not talk about Meghan and Harry today, I can’t be an asshole, let’s forget about them. “

The exchange came after Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, announced that they would no longer work with some of Britain’s most popular newspapers.

Harry and Meghan have given up their main royal roles and are now living in LA

In a letter to the editors of the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and the Sun, they said “there will be no corroboration and no engagement” and will now only deal with media organizations handpicked.

The couple officially resigned from their royal family position last month and now live in Los Angeles with grandson Archie.

They also prohibited their public relations team from dealing with the organizations, but said that “this is by no means a general policy for all media.”

The letter says they look forward to “working with journalists and media organizations from around the world, engaging with local media, regional and local media, and young emerging journalists, to highlight problems and causes that desperately need to be recognized. “

Piers and Susanna Reid clashed on Meghan and Harry

Their position has been criticized by the Society of Editors, which represents members of the local and national media.

As viewers reacted to the comment on Twitter, Piers reiterated that he did not want to mention the royal pair.

Piers continued, “Yeah, let’s not bother with the others, let’s just focus on the fact that it’s the Queen’s birthday.

“Let’s just forget about those Hollywood people who complain about their own miserable lives in their mansion. “

Co-host Susanna Reid was quick to point out that by “digging” them, he was always talking about them.

She said, “Stop talking about them then, if you want to forget about them. “

He replied, “I’m just saying I don’t want to talk about it,” to which she replied, “But you still manage to dig them. “

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 94th birthday

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Piers erupted: “Oh stop defending them, let me dig. “

Susanna then asked if he would accept a ceasefire, with Piers replied, “I want them to shut up and go away, seriously go away Meghan and Harry. Sit in your mansion and shut up, nobody cares. “

As Susanna asked, “Shall we not talk about them for the rest of the week? He agreed, saying, “Yes, you know what, it’s a great idea.

“Seriously, it’s a great idea. They’ve banned a number of newspapers, today we’re banning Meghan and Harry from Good Morning Britain for the foreseeable future, you’re done, toast, it’s over. “

Good Morning Britain is aired weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV.


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