Piers Morgan launches into Victoria Beckham on fashion line staff


Seething Piers Morgan went to Victoria Beckham – saying that her decision to leave 30 of her fashion staff made her sick.

The Good Morning Britain host said Posh should reconsider using the government’s bailout package with his family, worth more than £ 335 million.

The 46-year-old superstar has seen his fashion brand struggling in recent years and recently sent letters to staff announcing plans to cut wages to 80% in accordance with leave procedures.

Piers – vocal when football clubs also refused to go alone after canceling matches – was furious after hearing the complaints.

In response to a Grazia video from Victoria featuring Elton John for #TogetherAtHome he called her for the move.

Posh may be on the verge of taking over many of its staff, it has been alleged

He tweeted, “Sorry, but it makes me vomit. If you care so much about the NHS, @Victoria Beckham – so why are you taking the taxpayer money the NHS desperately needs – and you don’t need it – to put your people to work and support your failing business? “

Piers’ post divided opinions, as some agreed – while others insisted that Victoria had the right to put staff on leave if she wanted to.

One fan posted: “No shame for some people. “

Another added, “The country is going to collapse because of these people.”

But a third argued: “Why shouldn’t she pay her taxes like everyone else ?? “

Piers, the host of Good Morning Britain, is not impressed

Another agreed: “Oh Piers, do you have nothing better to do with your day than to pick up on your old tricks by bringing back the waste.

Her plan could see her claim tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money if the government agrees to offer a relief grant.

If accepted, its staff will remain employed, but 80% of their salary may be reimbursed by the government up to £ 2,500 per month per employee.

The family is said to represent more than £ 335 million

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A Beckham spokesperson said, “We are working hard to ensure the protection of our highly regarded Victoria Beckham team during this volatile time while keeping our business healthy.

“After carefully evaluating all of our options, we decided to make some of the staff available on an improved package. “

Piers was slapped with more than 600 complaints from Ofcom after its latest explosion.

Good Morning Britain viewers filed complaints following the French star’s interview with the Minister of Health on Wednesday.


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