Piers Morgan gets angry at disgusting coronavirus tweet as people question NHS cult


Piers Morgan criticized someone on Twitter for sharing the “most disgusting” coronavirus tweet he has seen so far.

The presenter from Good Morning Britain changed his profile picture to the NHS logo and agreed to pay staff parking tickets in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

And he was not happy when someone suggested that the NHS “cult” had gone too far.

Piers was quick to stand up for those who are fighting the virus on the front lines.

The 55-year-old quoted a tweet that said, “Worshiping the NHS will be even more unbearable once it’s done than it used to be, right? “

He added, “The most disgusting tweet from the # coronavirus crisis so far – and the bar was very, very low. “

But not everyone agreed with him.

Piers was angry at the tweet

One of them replied, “It’s really not disgusting at all, Piers. As I understand it, Andrew is referring to the cult of the NHS as a system, not to the staff of the NHS. NHS staff do a fantastic job in the Cirumstnes, but that should not hide the fact that the NHS itself needs reform, not worship. ”

And another posted: “There have been much worse tweets than this Piers, some of them have been yours. “

Others, however, believed that Piers was right.

He continues to present Good Morning Britain

One of them wrote, “The NHS are fabulous! “

And another replied: “He would feel different if they saved one of his relatives, the NHS deserves more praise and everyone can give them”

Piers also responded to a fan who asked him why he was “so angry all the time.”

He said, “Hello Matthew, I guess it’s because thousands of people have died or are fighting for their lives because of the coronavirus, including dozens of NHS workers, and many people I know – and our government should have done much more to curb the carnage. “

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And he also told a concerned fan not to worry about him.

The fan tweeted, “I’m so tired of hearing people saw @piersmorgan saying he is alarmist and talking trash, he’s the only one who demands the truth and asks the real questions, for my part i ‘look forward to his tweets and reports, keep up the good work sir’

Piers wrote: “Thank you Peter, don’t worry – the trolls will not discourage me, even if they are violent (and this crisis gave birth to real vermin) – it is impossible to” scare “someone as horrible as that, and me. “I will continue to challenge the government on everything it does and says. ”


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