Piers Morgan flirts with Lucie Donlan of Love Island after Donald Trump’s grief


Piers Morgan is helping to overcome his escape from social media by President Trump by scandalously flirting with Love Island’s daughter Lucie Donlan.

The 55-year-old actor left a cheeky comment on ITV2 star’s last sizzling bikini post.

The Good Morning Britain presenter and the 21-year-old are friends – despite the fact that Piers is brutally honest about his hatred of the dating series.

The gorgeous Lucie went to Instagram to share a photo of her posing in little more than white mesh pants.

She captioned the racy move: “One name on my phone that excites me …”.

Piers replied quickly: “Mine? “

Teasing Lucie replied: “@piersmorgan spot on. You are right haha. “

Married Pier joked that he and Lucie would make the “perfect couple” by joining Lucie on the red carpet at the ITV gala last November

He is of course married to his wife Celia Walden, but he needs a little more attention right now after Saturday’s fatal blow.

He comes in – but it’s a lot of fun

The star’s ego is damaged after former friend Trump followed him on Twitter.

We’ve all been there, but it hurts a little more when the most powerful person on the planet gives you your middle finger online.

Wounded Piers went on Twitter to announce that the president removed him after writing a scathing article on his “crazy bats” coronavirus theory.

Piers joked that they would be the “perfect couple” in November

The world is waiting for Trump to give him the boot after a number of recent excavations.

Telling the news to fans, he wrote on Twitter: “UPDATE: President @realDonaldTrump abandoned me on Twitter a few hours after writing this column @DailyMail”.

Piers was a staunch supporter and good friend of the President, and at one point was fortunate enough to interview him in 2018.

In his column, the reporter denounced Mr. Trump, writing, “I just see a president pretending to be a medical expert and spitting out theories that could have dire consequences.”

He needs more attention after Saturday’s tough setback

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“By far, the most reckless and dangerous thing that President Trump has done is to use the most powerful podium in the world to spread his bats ** crazy theories on how to defeat the virus. “

This comes after Piers first responded to allegations that Trump had maimed him in recent days, calling it “fake news”.

Time will tell if they can fix it.


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