Piers Morgan explosions rocked Matt Hancock and government’s “confused” response to airport openings


Piers Morgan criticized the deputy chief medical officer for his “confusing” response to keeping airports open in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

He also targeted health secretary Matt Hancock, accusing him of “looking shaken” during the daily briefing earlier today.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers, 55, insisted that “nothing that British airports stay open makes sense” and lambasted Professor Jonathan Van-Tam’s response.

During the briefing, the professor was asked why arrivals to the UK are not controlled.

He replied that there was a “basic problem” as it could take up to 12 hours to fly to the UK, but the incubation period for the virus could be up to 14 days.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam answered questions regarding the remaining airports in the UK

Piers Morgan criticized Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health’s response

However, Piers was taken aback by the response and tweeted, “What does that even mean?

“Nothing about the fact that UK airports remain open makes no sense, and Professor Van-Tam has just made it even more confusing. “

Piers also hit health secretary Matt Hancock, calling it a “rattle.”

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He wrote, “Hancock looks shaken. He knows he won’t hit 100,000 tests a day in late April.

“He knows that PPE is always chronic and that very many health care workers are dying. He knows that the government has lied about the EU’s joint supply system. “

His Twitter followers were divided by comments, some agreeing with Piers and others accusing him of “scoring points.”

One of them tweeted, “Get off his pillar, now is not the time to score. Some of us in the NHH are fed up with hearing how the government got it wrong, let’s go through it and then think about it and learn how we can make sure we are in a better position in the future. ”

Another commented: “The British public missed it. Boris too. They saw it months ago and did nothing. Stop defending the politicians who have left thousands dead. ”


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