Piers Morgan considers Frankie Boyle “disgusting human and fiery hypocrite”


Piers Morgan attacked comedian Frankie Boyle and called him “disgusting human” because of the tweets he published earlier this week.

Present in Good Morning Britain today, Piers spoke to a press campaign to transport PPE for frontline NHS workers.

Piers said the campaign was “very timely” after Frankie’s tweet a few days ago.

Piers Morgan takes on comedian Frankie Boyle

Frankie’s tweet sparked Piers’ anger

The GMB presenter said, “Frankie Boyle, the so-called comedian, tweeted a few days ago” British newspapers are on the verge of bankruptcy, so there has never been a more important time to be not buy one. ”

“He’s a guy who took money out of the newspapers to write reviews, so he’s a fiery hypocrite as well as a disgusting human being who wants to see people lose their jobs. “

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Piers went on to say that Frankie should no longer receive a platform on the newspapers.

He said, “I hope that when he sniffs for a column in one of the newspapers, he will have done so in The Sun and others,” I hope they will say ‘No, no thanks. ‘

“When it really mattered, when we were really in pain as an industry, you actively told two and a half million people not to buy newspapers to bankrupt us.

“People shouldn’t forget things like that. “

* Good Morning Britain is broadcast on weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV


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