Phillip Schofield “sneaky digs” at Piers Morgan after a strange interview with Michael Gove


This morning, Phillip Schofield seemed to be digging into Piers Morgan, co-host of Good Morning Britain, after an interview with Michael Gove which took a bizarre turn.

Piers asked Gove questions, including a toasting of the government’s nuclear weapons policy now that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in intensive care while fighting the coronavirus.

Phillip appeared to come back to this point during the morning, delivering a brief speech on his own and urging to keep a cool head during the pandemic.

“As we navigate these troubled waters,” he said, “everyone wants to know everything right away.

” Who is in charge? What’s going on now? What happens in the event of nuclear war? Who presses the button?

Phillip seemed to be taking a blow at Piers

“We have to be very careful here that we take each step at a time, and that we approach it with equal heads. “

Piers defended his Twitter interview, writing: “Some people did not think it was” appropriate “to clarify exactly who is currently running the country (including the authority to deploy the UK’s nuclear defense), given our Prime Minister in intensive. care.

Piers rages against people who break the rules

“Frankly, I don’t see anything more important to know. “

The controversial host has been outspoken about the coronavirus from the start, regularly using his platform to pour contempt on those who do not take precautions and do not stay at home during the pandemic.

He’s been candid about the coronavirus from the start

“What sacrifice do you think you are making for your country? He raged, “You mustn’t fight anyone.”

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“You must not risk your life being shot in the trenches. You are asked to go home, sit down and watch TV.

“What’s wrong with people? “

Another program saw him insist, “Stay close to home. That’s all you have to do. This is our contribution to the war effort. People can’t get it in their thick skulls. “


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