Phillip Schofield heartbroken as incredible guest this morning dies from coronavirus


Phillip Schofield shared his sadness after a very entertaining guest of This Morning died of a coronavirus.

The man, called John, appeared on ITV late last month when Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby came live at Dearnlea Park Care Home, where he was resident.

Rotherham’s nursing home went viral as the many elderly people who lived there made placards with messages to loved ones on Mother’s Day and one of the caregivers revealed that John had made a rude one on the coronavirus, with a more familial coronavirus. ‘The one used for this morning.

John then delighted Holly and millions of viewers watching at home with an animated rendition of the Penny Arcade karaoke classic, with one viewer tweeting, “It’s great, it’s fabulous. “

But on Sunday, Phillip announced the death of John after contracting a coronavirus, tweeting, “It is heartbreaking. Holly and I have a week off next week.

“We will pay John a fitting tribute to our return. Our love to all his family and friends. “


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