Phillip Schofield confronts this viewer’s “lie” this morning


Phillip Schofield faced a reclining viewer playing Spin to Win on This Morning today – but was left cringed after discovering his working title.

Holly Willoughby and Phil presented their daily Spin to Win competition.

The pair called the first person to say “hello,” frustrating the pair after failing to say the passphrase.

They then called the second person and Holly put her hand over her mouth, trying not to smile.

Phillip Schofield faced a reclining spectator playing Spin to Win this morning today

Phil asked the caller if they had already rang him

Phil asked, “Are we calling the same woman? “

“One apple a day,” replied the caller.

Phil replied, “Wait, wait. Did we just call you? “

Rather than answering Phil, the caller clumsily repeated the passphrase.

Phil persisted: “Have we just called you?” “

Phil admitted that he did not believe the appellant

Holly found the situation hilarious

“Only now,” she replied as Holly laughed.

Phil said to Holly, “I think it might be the first time that our team calls the same person twice. “

After Phil explained that they had a problem upstairs, Holly interrupted by asking what was the name of the caller.

She replied that her name was Caroline and Holly asked, “Now Caroline, I ask you to be a very honest woman now. Did we just ring you and you said hello and we hung up? “

Appellant revealed that she was an administrator of the NHS

“No, I just said an apple a day,” replied Caroline.

When Phil looked puzzled, Holly announced, “Well, then let’s play! “

Phil asked him, “Really? Really however? “

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“I believe her,” insisted Holly.

“No,” replied Phil. “Caroline was definitely not going to understand it, was she? “

The pair then spun the wheel and Caroline won £ 3,000.

She then revealed that she worked as an administrator for the NHS. ”

Phil replied: “Ah, then suddenly everything is fine! Which is wonderful. “

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays at 10 a.m. on ITV


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