Peter Weber Barb’s mom comments on Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram


  • Peter Weber’s parents are here commenting on Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram.
  • Peter and Kelley are currently in quarantine together.

    Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are in quarantine together in the middle of the breakdown of his relationships with Madison and Hanna Ann, and you know who is there for that? Peter’s mom, Barb, aka this living legend:



    Barb has historically had no problem making her feelings known about Peter’s relationships (cut off from Madi all ?), but she seems fine with Kelley and Peter. At least that’s the vibe I get from both her and her husband commenting on Kelley’s recent Instagram post.

    The image in question? Kelley snuggling on a bed with this very good drink:

    Barb went ahead and commented with a series of red hearts (what appears to be a seal of approval), while Peter’s father wrote “Best friends ?”



    These two are clearly Team Kelley, but as a reminder, she and Peter are not technically still dating. At least according to Peter, who recently said this about their status:

    “Are we together? No. Do I like spending time with her? Absolutely. We don’t go out together. Could I see this in the future? Yes, of course. I would be extremely lucky and very happy if that happened. From anyone, I am the last person who needs to rush into any type of relationship. I just had a commitment that didn’t work. I was just trying to pursue things with another woman who didn’t work. now I take it very, very slowly. ”


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