Peter Navarro calls for “second opinion” after clash with Fauci over possible coronavirus treatment


White House economic adviser Peter Navarro wants a “second opinion” on the antimalarial drug that has shown signs of efficacy in the treatment of patients with coronavirus.
Navarro, who supports the widespread distribution of hydroxychloroquine, was invited on Monday to respond to a Axios report that says he got into a confrontation with director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, who insists there is no “solid” evidence that the drug can treat the coronavirus.
In particular, Navarro was asked about the New day why the public should listen to him instead of the nation’s best infectious disease expert.
“I’ll let him speak for him, John, but I have two words for you: second opinion,” he said. “And with regard to the studies that exist, I think you would agree that there are many studies on this, which show preliminary therapy. “
“Let me suggest, John, that later today you have another famous doctor from New York City, William Grace,” replied Navarro after the anchor John Berman asked him what qualifications he had. to discuss the medication. “He did, he can speak eloquently about it. But John, the doctors disagree on things all the time. My qualifications in terms of science are that I am a social scientist. I have a doctorate and I understand how to read statistical studies, whether in medicine, law, economics or otherwise. “
Berman argued that what Navarro said did not “qualify you to treat patients”.
At a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing on Sunday, President Trump announced that the administration had purchased “a huge amount” of hydroxychloroquine, which will be distributed to states after the Food and Drug Administration has issued emergency approval for its use in patients with coronavirus. The president presented the drug as a possible treatment for the coronavirus, despite the lack of evidence.
“We stored it – about 29 million doses. We have many. We hope it works, “said Trump.


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