Peter Andre gives Junior a helping hand in lockdown as son complains about love of hair


Peter Andre proved that he was a hand on daddy by giving his son Junior a boost in the lock, but the teenager seemed less impressed with his efforts.

The father of four, Peter, posted a hilarious video in his story that showed the event was happening while he was shaving Junior’s precious hair.

He captioned the video with “#lockdownbuzz” to involve followers.

Junior explained, “I’m cutting the buzz,” as Pete laughed cruelly in the background.

The boy, who already regretted this decision, shouted, “I like my hair so much. “

The 14-year-old looked worried when he sat in the chair while his father pulled the mower out and started shaving.

The teenager regretted his decision when his father cut his locks

Junior didn’t want his haircut, but Peter insisted

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He desperately told Pete not to cut too much, saying over and over, “Oh my God” before warning, “I think my head will look really big. “

But Peter replied, “Well, it’s too late now man! That’s what caps are for, bruv. “

However Junior said he wanted to get his old hair back, as Pete joked, “Well, you will like it less now …”

Junior looked really upset with his new hairstyle

Junior before hair

Tube maker Mysterious Girl was sutured as he backed away to watch his own creation.

“Do you want to go shorter?” He asked his son, when Junior looked less than impressed with his new hairstyle.

Peter later emphasized the teenager’s neat eyebrows.

He wrote, “I didn’t make his ridiculous eyebrow … he did. “

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Mocking his son more, Pete played Sinead O’Connor’s song Nothing Compares 2 U at the top of the video, which showed Junior very close to the tears of his new hairstyle.

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