Pete Davidson performs satirical songs “Drake Song” and “Andre 2000” on “SNL”


Pete Davidson performed two new comedy discs called “Drake Song” and “Andre 2000” in last night’s episode (April 11) of Saturday Night Live.

The regular actor participated in SNLThe special episode “At Home” by Tom Hanks during his first public appearance since his diagnosis of coronavirus.

“Drake Song” hears Davidson go through a series of subjects and lines that he says make up most of Drake’s popular records. ” This is a Drake song / I miss my ex / This is a Drake song / Number one on the billboard / Number one on the billboard, ” he sings.

Shot at home in pink light while wearing a large quilted jacket, the video appears to be a nod to Drizzy’s “Hotline Bling” video.

Watch the “Drake Song” video below:

The comic also shared another song, “Andre 2000,” of mocking rappers who display money in their videos.

The song – a play on the stage name of rapper Outkast Andre 3000 – hears rap Davidson, ” I’m a new young rapper on the block, about $ 2,000, that’s all I have / I put it in the video every time / It’s $ 2,000, that’s all I ai / But it looks good in the video, but it’s only 20 hundreds however. ”

On the hook, he spits: “I have $ 2,000 / It looks a lot like the video, but it’s only $ 2,000.

Meanwhile, Chris Martin of Coldplay starred in the special episode of SNL, covering Bob Dylan.

Martin took a solo version of “Shelter From The Storm”, from Dylan’s classic LP from 1974 “Blood On The Tracks”.


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