People monitor old MCU trailers to deal with uncertain times


With so many people in a state of confusion because of COVID-19, millions of quarantined people turn to their favorite pastimes to feel half normal. For MCU fans, it can be difficult to realize that phase four will be released mainly in 2021, other than Black Widow in November.

In the meantime, fans are now focusing online to find comfort in what Marvel has already accomplished. Thanks to YouTube and discussion forums like Reddit, fans can let off steam by talking or analyzing previous MCU movies.

Revisiting the MCU movie trailers has become a new thing to do and spark new debate on social media. A particular trailer has seemed to stand out recently, although the arguments never end with the trailer that had the best marketing.

Helpful quotes come out of old MCU trailers

Kevin Feige speaks on stage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant / Getty Images for Disney

A Reddit user recently started a discussion thread about how strange it was to look at old MCU trailers and find quotes from them about our time. These quotes come mainly from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Yes, there is a bit of anxiety in many MCU movies, which more or less pick up the mood of the nation and predict where we could be. Also, since the end of End of Game takes place in 2023, it could make you think if the film predicts our own future.

Whether they predicted or not, looking at the things the characters said in Infinity War and End of Game are more than revealing. The Reddit user above cited a few things that resonate deeply when linked to current COVID-19 medical workers. A die Infinity War really stands out:

There was an idea. Bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we could become something more. When when they needed us, we could fight battles that they never could. “

What about quotes from the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer?

While some might argue that the quote from the trailer above can relate to anything, the fact that people find comfort in it shows the value of MCU movies. After people like Martin Scorsese attacked MCU movies last year as not being cinema, there could be a turnaround when it comes to connecting movies to where we are.

There is a quote from End of Game the trailer is really making an impact now. the ” Everything that’s necessary ” line is booming at a time when the fight against COVID19 is becoming a global effort. For our valued healthcare professionals, they no doubt find this relatable, while foreigners equate the line with real heroes among us.

Marvel should find comfort in knowing that many people are turning to the old trailers to find peace and take to heart all of the MCU’s messages about what really makes a hero. Looking back, the Avengers have really done whatever it takes to defeat a major global threat (namely Thanos) and use ingenuity / technology to make things better.

It is not known if others will receive this message, as few people have commented on the Reddit thread above. However, other discussions have emerged showing how other MCU trailers have re-evaluations several years later.

Which MCU trailers are the most watched again?

Consensus on the MCU trailer most successfully creating hype for the film is still a subjective practice. Someone on Reddit said recently Captain America: civil war was one of the best trailers ever.

There’s the truth in that, down to the way it was edited and the music used. Others think Infinity War was the best trailer ever, especially because the fans went crazy when the Infinity Glove first appeared.

Now that the above quote becomes so related to the American heroes who fight COVID19, it could move Infinity War at the top as the most avant-garde and emotionally connected MCU film. However, not without probably continuing arguments when things return to normal.

Before that, other forgotten MCU snippets will likely be dug up to remember how real a goal they were after all.


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