Paulo Dybala “tests positive for coronavirus for the fourth time in six weeks” with the return of training from nearby Juventus – The Sun


PAULO DYBALA tested positive for coronavirus for the fourth time in just six weeks, according to reports.

The Juventus striker was among the first Serie A players to contract Covid-19 alongside teammates Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi.

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    Paulo Dybala reportedly still has coronavirus, more than five weeks after the first positive test5
Paulo Dybala reportedly still has coronavirus, more than five weeks after the first positive testCredit: Instagram @paulodybala
    Juventus striker seems to keep morale high with TikTok videos alongside girlfriend Oriana Sabatini5
Juventus striker seems to keep morale high with TikTok videos alongside girlfriend Oriana SabatiniCredit: Instagram

On March 21, he confirmed to his 37.9 million followers on Instagram that he and his girlfriend Oriana Sabatini had contracted the disease.

But Spanish program El Chiringuito said Dybala has had four tests in the past six weeks and the last one has been positive again.

It is not known when each of these tests took place, whether Sabatini was also tested as regularly or whether any of them still show symptoms.

They appear in a good mood, however, with Dybala’s Instagram story showing the striker working out at a home gym, then the couple doing a TikTok dance together, a few days after welcoming the dog Kaia into the family.

The reports come just days after Juventus contacted their players who had returned to their home countries for the lockdown.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Douglas Costa were among those to be recalled to Turin as Juventus attempted to resume training, as did teams in Germany and England.

But these stars who return to Italy will have to quarantine themselves for two weeks before they can find their teammates on the training ground.

Serie A teams can resume individual training on May 4 and team training on May 18.

It was after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the first steps to lift the country’s foreclosure.

Italy was the first European epicenter of the virus and saw 202,000 confirmed cases with 27,359 deaths.

In early April, Sabatini revealed that she had a test that came back with a “false negative”, but another test showed that she still had Covid-19.

Dr Hilary on the FOURTH positive Dybala test for the coronavirus

It has always been thought that the virus is no longer active when you have recovered from your symptoms other than the symptom of dry cough which can last quite a long time.

Normally, the virus does not persist for more than a few days afterwards and is considered to be non-communicable.

However, we see a good number of cases of people who continue to have positive tests.

We do not know if the virus is still present, if it has been reactivated, or if it is a new infection due to immunity that did not occur.

It’s very interesting. Most people do not continue to have a positive test, but some do.

We believe it is likely that the virus is still present or that particles of the virus are still present but the virus is no longer active or able to transmit.

We don’t think [it would be contagious at this stage].

Don’t forget that some tests give false positive results, we have also seen it. This is one of the many unknowns that we have with this particular virus.

Symptoms can last long enough. Fatigue, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and dry cough may continue for some time – even weeks – after the virus has apparently disappeared.

The reason we have 14 days of isolation from people with symptoms is that by the time they get out of the 14 days – when they have no symptoms other than dry cough – we think they are not able to transmit the virus. “

She said to subscribers, “I’m updating you because many ask me. On March 21, my boyfriend and I tested for coronavirus. We tested positive.

“Three days ago, they tested again and it was negative. Yesterday morning I did another test.

“I have tested positive. So I still have a coronavirus. “

Argentinian model and singer Oriana went on to reveal that this proves not only that she does not understand the killer virus, but no one else either.

She continued, “I don’t really know how it works, I don’t even know why it was negative first, then positive.

“I think I heard that if you get a coronavirus and get tested, it could be a false negative. For this reason, take another one to make sure it is 100% negative.

“It just goes to show how little we know about this virus because we thought we got infected from my boyfriend’s contact with his teammate [Rugani] which was positive.

“But it seems strange to me because the 15 days in which we are sick have already passed, so it is not logical that we should continue to have it. “

It is not unique that someone tests positive, then negative, then positive again.

This happened to Atalanta Marco Sportiello’s goalkeeper, who still had a coronavirus one month after his initial diagnosis, although he did not show any major symptoms.

The most likely next step for Dybala would be a blood test to see if he has developed antibodies to the virus in his system, and if so, how many of them.

Dybala spoke of the difficulties of having a coronavirus and said that he felt “dead tired” after five minutes of exercise.

But at the time, in late March, he added that he and Sabatini felt “good” and that the symptoms had passed.


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He told reporters, “I’m fine, much better after some strong symptoms than I had a few days ago – now I have no symptoms.

“I can move better by walking and trying to train.

“When I tried a few days ago I ran out of air and after five minutes I was tired, my body was heavy and my muscles were aching. Now Oriana and I are fine. “

    His girlfriend Oriana Sabatini confirmed on April 3 that a follow-up test had always shown him that she was positive at Covid-195
His girlfriend Oriana Sabatini confirmed on April 3 that a follow-up test had always shown him that she was positive at Covid-19Credit: Instagram @paulodybala
    Dybala checked his Instagram story to show he was still exercising while locked


Dybala checked his Instagram story to show that he was still exercising while lockedCredit: Instagram
    Juventus scheduled to resume individual training on May 4


Juventus scheduled to resume individual training on May 4Credit: EPA

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Wag Oriana from Dybala still has a coronavirus after a faulty “negative” test


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