Paul McCartney’s secret addiction to television as Beatles legend hangs on chain stores


Beatles legend Paul McCartney is addicted to TV and admits he would buy things eight days a week if he could.

Sir Paul, worth £ 820 million, turns on the TV after hours in the studio.

Before he knows it, he is seized by “exciting” articles like the German stain remover Didi Seven – only to be subdued by the puzzled wife Nancy, 60.

Paul, 77, said, “I love watching TV. No series. I prefer simple television and Nancy makes fun of me for that.

“Nancy calls it” Paul will oversee the entire department. ” She’s right. In America, I watch The Shopping Channel. To me it’s a little bit exciting. I’m addicted. I have to resist buying everything.

“There are things called Didi Seven. He cleans up everything. I say “I need a box! “But Nancy will say” Are you sure? “”

The coronavirus panic means that Sir Paul’s next world tour is in danger.

It was also to be titled Glastonbury, which has already been deleted. That means watching even more television – which at least allows him to get through the long, winding days.

He adds, “It’s relaxing. It’s nice to get away and sometimes a little easy TV is great. You don’t have to think about anything. I go home and flop, turn on the TV, I turn. I love Gogglebox and comedy shows like I would lie to you? “

Sir Paul, who owns a 1,500 acre home in East Sussex, says his love of animals also helps him relax.

Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell
Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell

Paul likes to buy Didi Seven cleaning product
Paul likes to buy Didi Seven cleaning product

He says, “I have a horse called Moonstar, which is great. I’ve been riding it for years so we know each other very well. It is always a great relaxation to go out in the fields and the woods.

“It is a large farm with fabulous trails, of which I have done a lot.

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“I would like to go into the forest, take my Land Rover, pull my chainsaw and clear paths – normally following animal trails or tracks invaded by foresters years ago – then I would transform them into horse trails.

“Very exciting when you have joined one track to another. “

Then he loves to go home … and turn on the TV.


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