Patriots coach Justin Rohrwasser says he will “cover” the image of the tattoo linked to a far-right organization


New England Patriots fifth-round coach Justin Rohrwasser told reporters on Saturday that he would cover the tattoo of a symbol associated with a right-wing militia group on his arm. Former kicker Marshall added that he was not expected to represent an association with this group.

The tattoo caught the eye of some on Twitter after Rohrwasser was chosen as a potential replacement for longtime specialist Stephen Gostkowski, when a graphic featuring the prospect prominently displayed all of the ink on his arm.

ESPN said Rohrwasser made the following statement during a conference call with reporters.

“I had this tattoo when I was a teenager and I have a lot of family in the military. I thought it was a symbol of military support at the time, “said Rohrwasser in an introductory conference call with reporters. “Obviously, it has become something I don’t want to represent. Come to think of it, I should have done a lot more research before putting a mark or symbol like this on my body, and it’s not something I ever want to represent. It will be covered. ”

A review of Rohrwasser’s Instagram page shows that the tattoo has been on the kicker’s arm since the end of 2015, and since he was 23, he was at most 19 when this photo was published – thus corroborating his claim to have ink as a teenager. The former Marshall player also has tattoos featuring American iconography, including an American flag, and the phrases “Freedom or Death” and “Don’t Walk On Me”.

The three percent group – a right-wing militia named after the roughly 3 percent of settlers who took up arms against the British – was founded in 2008. The group rejects the anti-government label, but says “we will defend ourselves when necessary “and resist what they perceive as a government violation on the constitution.

Rohrwasser was named Player of the Year by Conference USA special teams in 2019 after converting 18 of 21 field goals with a 53-yard lengthy, while scoring 35 of the 36 extra points.


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