Home Sports Patrick Mahomes reveals that Tom Brady’s mistake is fairly common

Patrick Mahomes reveals that Tom Brady’s mistake is fairly common


Patrick Mahomes made a hilarious admission following the story that Tom Brady entered the wrong house.

Tom Brady has been in the news a lot lately and it’s not exactly for football reasons. Of course, it all started when Brady was asked to come home after he disobeyed the order to stay home so he could go to work in a park. Most recently, Brady entered the wrong house while trying to meet his offensive coordinator. Basically, Brady broke into someone’s house and didn’t realize it until he looked up and saw a man by the name of Byron Leftwich in front of him. Needless to say, the past few days have been very interesting for the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Kansas City chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes heard about Brady’s error today and turned to Twitter to show support for another quarterback. As he explains, he did the same thing in his first year in Kansas City.

While this is pretty hilarious, it begs the question: why does this keep happening? I mean, why don’t people close their doors? Are the addresses not visible? Why are all the houses so alike? These are all elements that these stories are quite confusing, to say the least.

In any event, we are sure that these two QBs have learned their lessons.


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