“Painful” fear of Liverpool transfer returns, but Reds can show their new side


Speculation linking Liverpool to Timo Werner and other stellar names is nothing short of persistent.

With Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah as their current front line, the Reds do not desperately need to increase their ranks.

Takumi Minamino, too, could have more impact next season when he gets more settled into the team and into life in Merseyside.

Salah could still miss a large part of the campaign thanks to the African Cup of Nations, when he was also ready to participate in the Olympic Games, although they are now one year behind.

But not only do the Reds need better support for their top three: there is also an argument that they are still not completely immune to the lure of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It’s certainly something that Liverpool supporter Ross Strachan last expressed Watch the Kop fan podcast .

He said, “Someone like [Jadon] Sancho would be a great addition, but it’s difficult for one of the guys to come because of these top three – you don’t get into that side.

“The only problem with the first three is that one of them is moving somewhere.

“It sounds crazy, but if Barcelona or Real Madrid – and it will only be one of these two clubs – strike, these players will go.

“It’s painful to say, but it’s the only thing that worries me.

“If Real Madrid offers money to Mane, it will go away. “

Since Philippe Coutinho’s departure for Barcelona, ​​Liverpool has not been tested by any of the Spanish giants.

This is partly because of the clause that Michael Edwards inserted into this agreement, which means that the Camp Nou party would be obliged to pay an additional premium of 100 million euros (£ 89 million) for any other Liverpool player they wanted before 2020, and in part because of the team’s success since then.

However, the clause is now expired.

And the lack of interest in La Liga is bound to change at some point.

It will be an interesting acid test of whether the champions of Europe, the world – and probably the Premier League – have deserved an extended invitation to the very first football table.

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Liverpool could not have done much later to strengthen its world position.

And it’s clear that players can compete for the biggest prizes in the game right now, right here, under Jurgen Klopp.

But if a name like Werner were to come up, one of the Spanish giants might be tempted to test Anfield’s determination for other top players on the team.

Liverpool wouldn’t necessarily let go of a key man.

Yet, as Coutinho and others have proven in the past, even the simple public recognition of interest can become an important and undesirable distraction.

Liverpool’s next challenge could be to prove that they have maintained status to keep potential contenders away.


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