Paddy McGuinness Cannot See His Penis Thanks To Isolation Weight Gain


Paddy McGuinness revealed that he had gained so much weight during his self-isolation that he could no longer see his penis.

The 46-year-old Top Gear star who unveiled her six-year pack last year joked about her new body on Twitter.

He shared a side-by-side comparison of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the film Shot Caller, next to a selfie mirror.

He wrote, “In all of the Prison movies I’ve seen, people tend to get out of isolation looking for optimal physical condition?

He published a side-by-side comparison between him and buff actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“I’ve only been locked out for 18 days and I can’t see my penis anymore! #Bangediton #stayhome #staysafe #washyourhands “.

And on his Instagram, he posted a photo of his belly sticking out from under his t-shirt.

“Isolation wins,” he wrote.

One fan commented: “It’s a belly full of homemade chips! Lol ”.

He showed his “isolation gains”

“The Covid Kilo,” joked another.

“Start worrying when your thighs start clapping!” Added a third.

Paddy was locked up with his superb model wife Christine and their three children – Leo, Penelope and Felicity.

He recently let his children go wild with purple and red crayons on his hair.

In the photo, Christine and Paddy at NTA's
Christine first met Paddy at the age of 19

Paddy didn’t look amused as he showed off a colorful new look with red and purple favorites on top.

“I think I preferred gray? # Kids # stayhome # stayafe # washyourhands # thisbettercomeout, “he captioned the photo.

As he published the photo with his 1.4 million followers, a number of fans found the passionate dad and his child’s activities very entertaining.

Paddy didn’t seem satisfied with his new move

“It suits you, sir,” wrote his wife Christine McGuinness.

“As you are Harley Quinn x,” wrote another fan, winking at the famous supervillian character.

At the end of last month, Christine spoke about the difficulties the family had faced during their self-isolation.

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When the blonde bombshell appeared on the video link, it was “difficult” to keep the family inside.

“It was so difficult this week trying to explain to the kids that we have to stay indoors when we have spent years and years encouraging our kids to go out and go out on weekends “She said on the show.

Just a few months ago, the couple shared that their three children had been diagnosed with autism.


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