Over 900 completely recovered from a virus in British Columbia. – Osoyoos Times


Provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry said she was comforted by the many people who stay at home this Easter weekend to do their part to manage the pandemic. Photo: Government of British Columbia Flickr

By Lyonel Doherty

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, reported that 905 people have fully recovered from COVID-19 in British Columbia.

In her report today from Victoria, she said there were 35 new cases, bringing the total to 1,445, including 135 in the domestic health region.

There have been no new outbreaks of long-term care facilities in British Columbia, said Henry, noting that a total of 246 long-term care clients and employees had COVID-19 in 20 facilities .

Three more people died from the virus, bringing the total to British Columbia. to 58.

Henry said there were 26 cases of COVID-19 in the Federal Mission Correctional Center, with five people hospitalized.

The total number of people hospitalized in British Columbia is 134, including 63 in intensive care.

Henry said she sincerely hopes most people don’t travel this weekend, not even at the summer cottage. She thanked the people who stay at home and maintain a social distance in order to manage the pandemic.

She applauded the new travel protocol at international borders, requiring returning travelers to document their self-isolation plans.

During question period, a reporter asked what Henry thought of all the people traveling on BC Ferries this weekend.

She replied that people travel for many reasons, including checking family members during the crisis.

“We must all be kind and patient (with these people).”

Henry said BC Ferries has a reduced schedule and is only allowed to accommodate 50% of its capacity. She added that the company only sees a fraction of the traffic it normally sees.

“I am encouraged that most people are staying at home (this weekend).”

Another reporter asked if there were staff shortages in long-term care homes in British Columbia.

Henry said there is no shortage in this province. In fact, she noted that a large number of nurses and caregivers showed up and volunteered to help in British Columbia. facilities.

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